XMAS WISHLIST: Finding the Luxury You Desire in 2016

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In much thanks to technology and its rapid development, new luxury items are being produced at a rate that we almost can’t keep up. Staying current on the newest trends and fashion is a constant race that’s become nearly impossible to win.

Every year there are a few items that stand out the most. The symbol of defining status is beginning to move away from “what I have” to more of a “who am I” — leaving brands with an interesting perspective on how to help consumers answer this question. Here are some of the top luxury items many are trying to get their hands on this year.

Apple Does It Again


The new iPhone 7 is the best thing that Apple has done in recent years. Their newest iPhone offers a flawless design and the longest battery life of anything they have produced up to this point. The phone is water resistant and is equipped with immersive stereo speakers. With an iPhone 7 in your hand, you can communicate, work and explore with this featherweight technology must-have.

For those looking to improve on the already stellar design, Julian Monroe at iEmbellishment offers custom luxury finishes for the iPhone 7, which can be plated in 24 CT Gold, 18 CT Rose Gold, 950 Platinum or 950 Black Platinum.

Time Stands Still


The newest display of prestige and power is now available to wear on your wrist. Samsung has partnered with Swiss jeweler, de GRISOGONO, to create a limited-edition Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The watch offers the same features that the other smartwatches on the market do — it can read your heart rate, count your steps and track your activity levels. What makes the de GRISOGONO Samsung Gear S2 stand out is the watch setting, which features a diamond-set gold bezel and is made with a black galuchat strap. If you have your eye on this luxury item, make sure to book an appointment at the nearest de GRISOGONO boutique near you for a consultation.

The Only Notebook You’ll Ever Need


Montblanc, a long-known German luxury accessory company, has designed the only notebook you will ever need. The Montblanc Augmented Paper is a new piece of technology that reads your handwritten notes and converts them into a digital version. The pad’s size is similar to that of a small tablet and comes with a beautifully crafted leather cover and StarWalker ballpoint pen. The pen is paired with an electric slate underneath the actual paper pad. The notes are then digitized and sent to your laptop or phone via an app. Your notes will be searchable by keywords and can be recognized in 12 different languages. This will allow you to never lose a Post-It or bar napkin, so you’ll never have to let a million dollar idea go to waste again.

Do You Hear What I Hear?


The newest multi-instrument has just hit the market and everyone wants to lend an ear. The Celviano Grand Hybrid by Casio looks like a high-tech piano, but it is so much more. It’s equipped with a subwoofer, on-board speakers and digital connections to allow for this keyboard of sorts to fill any concert hall with the richest sounds with no further amplification needed. The keyboard can be set to play and sound like an acoustic or mimic pianos from previous eras from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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