China’s rich get richer – Hurun Report 2017

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1184 saw their wealth increase, of which 348 are new faces, 2130 individuals, up 74 since last year, with a wealth cut-off of US$300 million, average wealth rose 12.5% to US$1.2 billion, with the Top 100 shooting up 60%. Rupert … Read More

Louis Vuitton unveils second Masters collection in collaboration with Jeff Koons

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The second artistic instalment of Jeff Koons’ and Louis Vuitton’s Masters collection is here, with this one referencing more big names in art like Monet, Turner and Gauguin among others. The first wave of the collection saw a celebration of … Read More

How Chinese Consumers Reshape the Global Luxury Business

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The rapid maturation of Chinese luxury consumers in the fast-changing domestic retail environment has fundamentally changed the way that global luxury brands grow their business, according to a new report titled “The Strategic Perspective on Luxury Goods”, published by the … Read More

Disney World is Now Offering a Luxury Man Cave for Tired Dads

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The new Copper Creek Cabins are serving Lincoln Log realness—but they’ll cost you. There comes a time in every man’s life when his kiddos start asking questions—not about babies or what’s happening in their pants, but how far away Orlando … Read More

Stellar Ocean Cruising on Viking Star

True to the name of the legendary Vikings, this new fleet of ocean vessels—including its first ship, Viking Star— is poised to conquer all on the high seas. How can Viking, a newcomer to ocean cruising, which set sail less … Read More

Bordeaux or Paris? Choose Both!

While Paris may be the city of lights, Bordeaux is the city of wine. While many dream of visiting Paris, in fact, Bordeaux has received new awards every year! After being voted “Best European Destination 2015” and then, the number … Read More

Dream Hotel Group announces first hotel in England – Unscripted Birmingham

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Renowned hotel brand and management company Dream Hotel Group today announced plans to debut Unscripted Hotels, its newest lifestyle brand and hospitality concept designed for the progressive, creative traveler, in England in 2020. The latest hotel signing with London-based Ciel Capital represents a major milestone … Read More

UK Art Scene: Extraordinary year for English landscape painter

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BREXIT may be rearing its head again in the press but The UK continues to be the centre of most things including culture and art. Caroline Hall is having a smashing year as her works see increased exposure and presence … Read More

Aston Martin unveils the new DB11 Volante

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Aston Martin has revealed the new DB11 Volante, a convertible version of its flagship sports car, which will be introduced in the first quarter of 2018 costing from £159,900. The convertible shares the same bonded aluminium structure that also underpins the DB11 coupe; … Read More

‘Survivor’-type luxury travel package drops guests off in the jungle to ‘get lost’

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Adventure seekers can test their mettle in a new extreme “Survivor”-type travel package that drops participants off in remote corners of the earth, and challenges them to find their way out. Designed by bespoke luxury travel agency Black Tomato, the … Read More

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